After salses service

After sales service

The service concept of Tian Xi holding group:

Service quality includes not limited to the whole process of contact with customers. Tian Xi defines itself as a service oriented enterprise and leads the whole situation with service. In the design concept, humanized design is emphasized. In the sales, sales are understood as "providing value-added services for users". In the production, the quality concept of "the next process is the user" is established. In the after-sales aspect, the passive provision is turned into active reminder. For users 2 years ago, golden yellow also maintained a number of contacts a year. In short, the service quality of products is the emotional link that transfers other quality to users. With the same material, the same level of technology products, to provide customers with interior decoration suggestions and methods, Tianxi customers feel the biggest difference is to deliver to customers the real service.

Tian Xi holding group promise:

1. Continue to improve the service consciousness of all staff, stand on the height of corporate social responsibility meticulous, clear the business principles and objectives of the enterprise, and spare no effort to organize and achieve this policy and objectives.

2. Implement the quality rejection system resolutely, establish various management systems with quality as the core, vigorously promote advanced and scientific quality management methods, establish and improve the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 series standards, consistently implement the quality management principles to meet the needs of consumers and constantly improve the satisfaction of consumers. Italy is the eternal quality pursuit of enterprises.

3. From the point of view of serving the customers, we should strengthen the service consciousness, perfect the service system and improve the service quality. We should always keep in mind that the users are always our God and persist in molding the brand in the consumers'mind with perfect quality.

4. Actively participate in quality enterprise activities, consciously accept the supervision of dealers, consumers, society, government and news media.

5. Strict self-discipline, publicize and implement the Product Quality Law and the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, constantly strengthen the quality of legal awareness of workers, improve self-protection capacity, and promote market competition.

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